State Nickname: The Volunteer State

State Sloagan: America at it's Best! 

State Horse: Tennessee Walking Horse

State Bird: Mockingbird

State Flower: Iris

State Tree: Tulip Popular

State Animal: Raccoon

State Songs:

   My Homeland, Tennessee

   When It's Iris Time in Tennessee

   My Tennessee

   Tennessee Waltz

   Rocky Top

Entered Union: June 1, 1796 (16th State)

Capital: Nashville

# of National Forests: 1

# of State Forests: 15

# of State Parks: 54

Famous Tennesseans: 

   Samuel Carter (Navy Admiral & Army General)

   Davy Crockett (Frontiersman) 

   Andrew Jackson (President)

   Andrew Johnson (President)

   James K. Polk (President)

   Aretha Franklin (Singer)

   Amy Grant (Singer)

   Dolly Parton (Singer)

   Justin Timberlake (Singer)

   Minnie Pearl (Entertainer)

   Sequoyah (Cherokee Scholar)

   Dinah Shore (Actress)

   Wilma Rudolph (Sprinter)

   Lester Flatt (Bluegrass Musician)